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4 Signs It's Time To Switch Storage Unit Facilities


Renting a storage unit can provide you with extra square footage that can be valuable when living in a smaller home, but it's important that you understand some of the flaws that can come with some storage facilities. While it may be convenient to choose the cheapest or the closest facility to your home, there could be a number of things that go wrong if you're not careful when selecting a storage facility. 

Even if you made the right choice initially, you may notice that your satisfaction with the facility has gone downhill. If you notice any of the following signs while renting, it could be time for you to pack up your unit and move to a different storage facility.

Sudden Increase in Rental Cost

Many storage facilities attract new tenants by offering special promotional deals and discounts for the first year. While this can be an affordable way for you to get the storage unit size you want at the price you can afford, you need to be prepared for rental cost increasing later. After the first year or several months of renting, the contract may not include anything about keeping your rent at the same price.

This missing piece of information on the contract could lead to you paying hundreds of dollars more each year by staying at the same storage facility.

Dishonest or Rude Employees

While you likely won't be spending much time at the storage facility since you're primarily using it for storing and picking up items, you don't want to be dealing with employees that are unfriendly or downright rude. If you notice that you feel uncomfortable when visiting due to the attitude of the staff, it could be time to look into switching to a different storage facility where you feel welcomed.

No Availability for Larger Units

Starting out with a 5ft x 10ft storage unit is ideal for saving money, but it may not be an option any longer as the amount of belongings you own grows. If the storage facility you rent from does not offer any larger units or does not have any vacancies, it may be best to rent from another facility that has larger storage units available such as 10ft by 20ft or more.

Need for More Convenient Location

If you have recently moved and rent at a facility that is far from your home, it can be inconvenient to visit the storage unit. By switching to a facility closer to your home, you can access your belongings much more conveniently.

Even if you are happy with some features, the cost, or the location of the storage facility you rent from, you need to consider the benefits of switching if you notice any of the above signs.

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30 December 2015