moving from a warm climate to a cold one

Long-distance moves can sometimes take you from one climate to another. When you are moving from somewhere warm to somewhere cold, there are several things that you should consider for the move. My blog will provide you with information that will help you get through this big change with few problems. You will learn about how to pack up your things to protect them from the change in temperatures and what you should pack in your vehicle so that you have it readily accessible while you make the trip from your old home all the way to the new one.

Possible Problems & Some Solutions For Your Items In Storage


When you use a storage facility to store extra clutter from your house, you expect your belongings to be just as safe as they are at home. While it's true that your stuff is usually very safe in a storage facility, there are still a few dangers depending on what you store. Here's what to think about when you select a storage unit.

Personal Safety

Storage units are often located on cheaper parcels of land on the outskirts of town. This leads to many being in less desirable, higher crime locations.

If you feel unsafe at your storage facility, you may try to rush as you move things between your vehicle and your storage unit. This could lead to things being dropped and broken. You may also not stack your items properly leading to fragile items being crushed or items shifting and falling over.

Additionally, you may run the risk of being robbed at facilities without adequate security. To avoid breaking your things due to fear of the area, be sure to learn more about the surrounding neighborhood and to carefully examine the security procedures in place. When selecting a storage unit, look for controlled access with exterior gates, on-duty security guards, cameras, and other measures.

Water Damage

When a storage facility is indoors or is at least a fully enclosed unit, you might not think about the possibility of water damage. Water damage is actually one of the more common mishaps for stored items.

In facilities with multiple small units stacked on top of each other, you don't know what is stored in the unit on top of yours, how carefully the unit's owner will pack their unit, or if they will spill a drink while they're moving in. If you have a floor level unit, you're at risk from mops, spilled drinks, and water brought in from heavy rain.

Save your items that aren't waterproof by storing them off of the ground and sealing them completely in waterproof containers or plastic wrapping.

Changing Temperatures

Temperature changes can damage sensitive electronics or cause water damage to certain items if condensation builds up during temperature swings.

If you will be storing any sensitive items in your storage unit, invest in a heated self-storage unit. While the cost will be higher than one without climate control, it will be worth the peace of mind.

To learn more about bad things that could happen to your items while they're in storage and how to avoid those problems,or to get a quote on a storage unit, contact a local moving and storage company today.


15 January 2016