moving from a warm climate to a cold one

Long-distance moves can sometimes take you from one climate to another. When you are moving from somewhere warm to somewhere cold, there are several things that you should consider for the move. My blog will provide you with information that will help you get through this big change with few problems. You will learn about how to pack up your things to protect them from the change in temperatures and what you should pack in your vehicle so that you have it readily accessible while you make the trip from your old home all the way to the new one.

5 Tips To Make Your Winter Move Less Stressful


Moving at any time of the year can be stressful, but moving during the winter time can present additional challenges. Here are a few tips that will help make your winter move a little less stressful and will make it go a little smoother. 

Check The Weather & Find Out How What Flexibility You Have

If at all possible, try to schedule your move for a day when it is not supposed to have any rain or snow falling. If you are renting a truck to move with, find out if you will be able to postpone your rental if the weather is too poor for you to move forward with your move. 

You should also make sure that you build some flexibility into your moving dates, so that you can change your moving dates if the weather is poor. Talk to the manager or owner of the home that you are moving out of and into to find out what flexibility you have. 

Pack Light

When packing up your belongings, try to pack light. Try to use more smaller boxes that are lighter and easier to carry. If you don't have to, avoid using larger boxes as much as possible. This will make it easier for you to carry your boxes, especially in poor weather. Make your moving day go a little smoother by labeling all your boxes with what room they need to go into in your new home.

Turn On Utilities In Advance

See if you can turn on the utilities in your new home on a few days before you move in. That way, you can warm up your new house so that it is more comfortable for everyone who is helping you move your belongings in. 

Dress In Layers

On your actual moving day, make sure that you dress in warm, flexible layers. Wear gloves that have grips on them to make moving the boxes and furniture easier. Also, be sure that you wear shoes that provide you with enough traction to keep your footing in the rain and snow.

Clear The Path

Before you begin you move, make sure that you have clear paths at both of your homes. If it is icy or snowy outside, clear the paths and put down a de-icing agent. If it is rainy, try to make sure that the water is diverted from your path so you don't have to walk through large puddles while moving. 

Inside of both your new and old home, make sure you set up rugs so that everyone can wipe their feet. This is especially important if you have vinyl or hardwood floors that can become slippery when wet. If possible, assign someone to wipe up all the water as the rest of your team moves items in and out. 

If you follow the tips above before and during your winter move, it should be a smoother process with less stress for everyone involved. 


18 January 2016