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Long-distance moves can sometimes take you from one climate to another. When you are moving from somewhere warm to somewhere cold, there are several things that you should consider for the move. My blog will provide you with information that will help you get through this big change with few problems. You will learn about how to pack up your things to protect them from the change in temperatures and what you should pack in your vehicle so that you have it readily accessible while you make the trip from your old home all the way to the new one.

Putting Your Swimming Gear Into Storage? Follow The Right Steps To Preserve Them Well


Once summer comes to an end, you are inevitably going to have clothes and other items that you will stop using until the following year. If you do not have enough room in your home to accommodate all of your belongings, you will need to trade your summer gear for fall and winter gear. If you love the beach, your whole family may have a collection of swimming equipment that must be put into storage. Understanding how you should store each piece will prevent you from coming back to permanently damaged goods.

Bathing Suits

With any piece of clothing, the last thing you want to do is put it in storage without it being fully dry. So, aside from carefully cleaning each piece to eliminate any ocean water smell, you should also take your bathing suits through a run in the dryer, let them dry out in the sun, or even dry them in your garage. To avoid moisture buildup in storage, you want to get a climate-controlled unit and use fabric garment bags.


If you have decent pairs of goggles for your family, they are likely to come with cases. It is crucial to keep these around for when you want to put the goggles in storage as they will protect against scratches. The rest is not complicated as you only need to rinse them to remove salt water or pool chemicals. Whether you have plastic bins or shelving units for your storage unit, you can use either one. Goggles are not very susceptible to pests and dust is easily rinsed off, so displaying them in the open is not a risky choice.

Water Shoes

It is quite easy for water shoes to pick up a foul stench when you go swimming often. This happens because the materials used to make these shoes allow for the inside of the shoe to easily harbor bacteria. So, you may need to take them through a few steps to get rid of undesirable odors. The process involves dunking the shoes in a container or sink of hot water, soap, and baking soda, and then scrubbing until clean.

Although you may keep some summer clothes around for the occasional warm day in fall and winter, you will most likely have no use for any swimming gear that your family owns. Learning exactly how to safely put these items into storage will give you confidence when picking them up the following year. For more information about preparing items for storage, contact a business such as King Arthur Self Storage.   


13 June 2016